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At Vogue Theatre - Vancouver

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Doors: 7:00pm Show: 8:30pm

All tickets for this event are General Admission. Patrons requesting accessible seating should purchase a General Admission ticket and the venue will be able to accomodate on the night of the event. Please reach out to for any special arrangements needed at the venue or if you require companion seating. 

The title ‘Collapse List’ was inspired by ’S-Town’, a podcast from Serial and This American Life. The content and the story of the central character have no relevance to the album; it's an investigative journalism series about a “backwards” little town in Alabama, where a member of the community reached out to the journalist about an alleged murder that everyone ignored. The story ends up being about this interesting guy who seems to be incredibly smart beyond his position in the world, a 'doomer' stuck in a small town, weighed down by his own knowledge and nihilistic view of the world. Anyway, he would write these long email lists to the journalist outlining all that he saw wrong with the world, the things that needed to change and how we can change them, mainly around global warming and sociopolitical issues. He would title them “collapse lists”.

I feel like an album is always - for any artist - just a marker, a timestamp of when it was created, and while I only really recorded it in 2023 (though some of it was demoed in 2020), a lot has changed for me in the three years since my previous album ‘Cannot Be, Whatsoever’ was released, especially in 2023. The record speaks of my recognising what needs to change in my life, from my location, my feelings towards making music, the nature of my relationships and such. I didn't necessarily make the album I set out to make, and I feel like I never do, but this is what I made and therefore this is now the album. It started to feel like a catalogue of personal growth; my own little collapse list. 

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