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Men I Trust


At The Orpheum - Vancouver

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Doors 7:00 Show 8:00PM

Dreampop is leading us into the next century. It is one of the more progressive and ever-evolving sub-genres of the past decade. A relatively new genre that combines the ethereal and harmonic vocals from Shoegaze as well as the catchy and jangly melodies from pop. While the genre isn’t exactly narrowly defined this is one of more the common definitions I see across the music community. It is one of my favorite genres at the moment and the one I look out for the most when I’m exploring new music. The genre is ever-expanding and is one of the main sub-genre that is leading us into the new decade. I wanted to take this opportunity to talk about one of my favorite bands of this decade and their evolution to where they are now.

The story of Men I Trust’s rise to indie fame is a bit more abnormal than most. The group initially started without their lead singer. In 2014 producer Dragos Chiriac and bassist Jessy Caron, both Quebec music graduates and high school friends reunited after college and came together to form a duo named Men I Trust. Their music was heavily inspired by the electronic movement of the 2000s. If you take for example a song from their self titled 2014 debut like Endless Strive and compare it to their most recent output you immediately hear the difference in their approach to production. The programmed robotic electronic drums alongside these boisterous synthesizers give you a closer look into how the duo looked at song creation. The basics where all there, the dance-inducing, funkiness and soothe demeanor coupled with great vocal performances by frequent guest collaborators offered a range of different song types. At that was really missing would soon be discovered.

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