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Doors: 6:00pm Show: 7:00pm

JAZZ IS PHSH is a unique and inspiring instrumental tribute to Phish.  The supergroup led by Adam Chase (The Chase Brothers), mashes up Phish songs with compositions from legendary artists like Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock and John Coltrane while writing original grooves and passages to completely reimagine a wide array of prolific Phish compositions.  The inventive arrangements are jazzy, funky, sophisticated and fun providing an awesome experience for jazz fans and phish fans alike.  


The incredible musicianship makes this act a must see experience whether you are familiar with the music or not.  With intricate mash-ups with legendary jazz compositions like "What I Say" by Miles Davis, "Sly" by Herbie Hancock, and "A Love Supreme" by John Coltrane, a jazz fan will be able to recognize about the same amount of the show as the avid Phish fan.  

Under the musical direction of Adam Chase, the group has become something well beyond any traditional tribute.  The goal with most tributes is to sound as similar to the original as possible.  With Jazz Is Phsh, musicians from a variety of musical backgrounds are invited into the collective and asked to be themselves and interpret the music in their own unique way.  With many of the musicians being introduced to the music through The Chase Brothers, the freedom to reinterpret the music has allowed the direction to have absolute freedom.  That freedom in both the compositions and in the improvisation has allowed Jazz Is Phsh to get to the core of what ties the jazz and jam scenes together; improvisational based explorations of melodies, harmonies and rhythm.

With the musicians constantly rotating, every show is unique and a truly once in a lifetime opportunity.  Be sure to catch any show you have the opportunity to see.

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