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At Vogue Theatre - Vancouver

+ applicable fees
All Ages


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Doors 6:00 PM Show 6:30 PM

All tickets for this event are General Admission. Patrons requesting accessible seating should purchase a General Admission ticket and the venue will be able to accomodate on the night of the event. Please reach out to for any special arrangements needed at the venue or if you require companion seating.

Does checking apps on your phone feel like you're opening and closing an empty fridge 100 times a day?

Does the term “Wellness” or “Self-Care” make you feel so sick that you just wanna BARF ALL OVER YOURSELF?

Are you drowning in booze every night just to forget about the grim reality of your own fleeting existence?

Well, guess what? We've got absolutely no remedy for any of that...

BUT, ARCHSPIRE is about to embark on a NORTH AMERICAN RESCUE MISSION to TEMPORARILY DISTRACT YOU from everything in your life that TOTALLY F#*!@NG SUCKS!

We're joining forces with THREE ELITE SQUADS: ABORTED, CARCOSA, and ALLUVIAL, to strategically infiltrate major North American cities on a mission to provide you with a brain-numbing, eardrum-puncturing, nuclear strike that is guaranteed to melt away all those incessant pestering thoughts so you can just TRULY. F#*!@NG. PARTY.

And for at least one night of your dwindling life, you can completely forget that:


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