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The 2 Johnnies

Source: Ruth Medjber

Back once again with the renegade masters…As the world’s leading podcast covering riding, Gaelic games and parish news, the 2 Johnnies podcast is an unlikely global success story but the combination of Johnny B, Johnny Smacks, producer Maura and of course Noel Furlong has catapulted them to the No.1 position in Ireland podcast charts every week for over 317 weeks. From big name guests like Liam Gallagher and B’Witched to plotlines like the GAA Catfish that grip the nation, the 2 Johnnies podcast is a must listen for over 500,000 people in Ireland and around the world every week. Their live podcast show has grown from small theatres to being the world’s first live stadium podcast with over 20,000 fans heading to Cork last summer for a four-hour long extravaganza with comedy, music, a ton of fireworks and another huge milestone in the meteoric rise of the 2 Johnnies. Now they take the madness on tour with a US tour this June.



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