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Born in Bangkok, Thailand, Fateh Saund, aka Fateh Doe, moved to Hayward, California at six, where his passion for hip-hop ignited. After schooling in Hayward, his family settled in Brampton, Canada. Embracing his musical calling as Young Fateh, he transitioned to Fateh Doe, dropping mixtapes like "California State of Mind" (2009) and "One Verse Curse" (2010). Joining "Zoo Babies" band added to his acclaim, as did collaborations with UK producer Dr. Zeus, propelling Fateh into the global music scene. His multilingual finesse, evident in tracks with Jazzy B and Amrinder Gill, set him apart. Fateh's ascendancy continued with the Bollywood hit "Lovely" (2014), marking a pivotal moment. His debut solo "Naiyo Jaan De" (2015) and studio album "Bring It Home" (2016) amassed over 10 million streams. Releases like "To Whom It May Concern" (2018) and "New Memories" (2019) further solidified his influence. The fifth album, "Hate That I Love You" (2022), underscored his commitment to innovation. Fateh's remarkable journey, rooted in self-belief, has carved his name as a global sensation, driving him unwaveringly into 2023.


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