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Sadé Awele

Sadé Awele is a Nigerian-born, Vancouver-based singer-songwriter who channels her Yoruba and Ibo heritage into her bold, innovative, Afro-R&B sounds. Raised in a home where gospel, R&B, jazz, Afro-fusion and Afrobeats were embraced and drumming was practiced, Awele soaked up lyrics, learned the elements of songwriting, and began incorporating drums into her music. After her first single in 2018, Count on Me, Awele released a series of critically acclaimed singles and strong audience response. In 2020, Awele was awarded Female Artist of the Year from the African Fashion and Arts Movement (AFAM) and Exclaim! Media named her as an artist that needs to be heard. Shortly after, she released her first EP, Time Love Journey, which earned her over 200,000 streams. Awele was also one of the select few to participate in the Women in the Studio Accelerator Program (Music Publishers Canada), which inspired the production of her upcoming, anticipated EP. With strong influences from the iconic Stevie Wonder, Erykah Badu, Beyoncé, and Lauryn Hill, Awele plays with both the familiar and the experimental in revolutionizing the afrobeats and R&B genres and making her a unique rising star on the Canadian music scene.



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