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At the turn of the 2010’s, Western Australia was going through a boom. Perth’s music scene shared in the wealth via government arts funding, so, consciously or not, their collective post-millennial take on sunshine-psych channeled that positive energy locally. POND was formed during those years, fronted by Nick Allbrook with Jay Watson and Joe Ryan. Their rhythm section at any time was fairly ad-hoc; Kevin Parker was their drummer for a bit, while he launched his own project, known as Tame Impala. Releasing three digital/limited-vinyl albums in quick succession circa 2008-10, which few got to hear outside of Australia POND only went genuinely public with 2012’s ‘Beard. Wives. Denim’ - a pulsating psych-rock epic, whose alive-in-the-room methods diametrically opposed Parker’s circa ‘Lonerism’. From there their fifth succinct and dark album 'Hobo Rocket' arrived before producing the colourful and unexpectedly funky sixth album, 2015’s ‘Man, It Feels Like Space Again’. 2017 saw POND’s 7th album release ‘The Weather’ produced by Kevin Parker. It sees the band pack some of their outright poppiest tunes to date. Critically acclaimed across the board 'The Weather’ perfectly lurches between moods, relevant in its synth-pop/guitar-psych balance, and bang on the money in its polemical anxieties. POND are one of the best live bands out there taking you on a euphoric psychedelic funk/punk journey of chaos. Not to be missed!


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