The primary alias of Darren Cunningham, Actress has been credited with some of the least predictable, least classifiable electronic music of the 2010s. Since debuting modestly in 2004 with the six-track No Tricks, Cunningham has juggled a diverse array of inspirations, including early-'80s funk and electro, art rock, raw and classicist house, and noise, while putting a fresh spin on the forms to decayed, disorienting effect. His productions, once self-termed "R&B concrète," have consequently dumbfounded some DJs while they've been devoured by others within the realms of house, techno, and dubstep. Cunningham has been one of the most acclaimed experimentalists of the 2010s, exemplified with frequent placement in Wire magazine's annual Top 50, beginning with Splazsh, which topped the 2010 chart, and continuing through AZD in 2017.



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